“Registration and login”

  1. To shop the store does not require registration. You pick a product that interests you the way to the basket and click “pay” and perform the requested action: address, telephone number, name, etc.
  2. We send goods in all country (worldwide)
  3. When buying goods as a guest, next time you will be able to perform as a registered user, then you will get the first online shopping data to the email by signing into your account you will be able to adjust the information about yourself.
    “Product Shipping and delivery

“Goods will send your chosen method, upon receipt of payment”

  1. In order to get goods soon recommend paying the bill informed by e-mail info(eta)goodlook.shop letter stating the product ID.
  2. Delivery duration indicates, for each item separately. If you select a different time delivery of goods, the goods will be delivered upon receipt of your complete order ordered from suppliers.
  3. In the event of irregularities or mistakes occur on the order of the items, size, quantity and so on., We will contact you personally and inform you about the situation.
  4. Additional comments, suggestions, please write to the order confirmation.


  1. Do not believe the size of the goods, you can change to a different size.
  2. If you are not the right size, you can change another item to www.GOODLOOK.shop store. You can change to any other product, model, color or size.
  3. When any product quality of the original shipping costs refunded. This does not apply if the goods received are defective or do not meet www.GOODLOOK.shop store the photos.
  4. Product appearance lost, damaged packaging, damaged, unlabeled or otherwise damaged will not be accepted back. When returning a product it must be returned in the packaging in which you received.
  5. Products in the column – “SALE” will not be accepted back.
  6. Most of our goods ordered from suppliers only after your payment, so the money is not returned, while changing to other goods, model, color, size, unless previously agreed otherwise.
  7. For the goods return before contact email info(eta)goodlook.shop
  8. Returned goods required to send by registered mail, lpexpress, omniva (registered ways), the consignment has to be inserted is completed return / exchange form. After sending items you must send the consignment number so that we can track the shipment.
  9. Product return / exchange form.

* We would be very grateful if you return/changing product send the goods back it as soon as possible.

** WARNING! Tights, stockings, leggings (pants catapults), lingerie, corsets, pajamas, nightgowns (underwear), watches, body stockings, perfumes and cosmetics prieparatai are non-refundable and accepted back (clothes, which, after first donning and use of deformed toes or otherwise changes its appearance).


  1. Payments can be made by transfer from any bank in our invoiced to subscribe to get the goods. Or to pay by automatic payment through Paypal, PLEASE look we add PayPal Transaction Fee.
  2. You can make payment in any currency, the conversion of different currency than the euro, the amount should correspond to the amount billed. If the amount is greater with respect to the course, or the like, the surplus is not refundable. In order to avoid misunderstandings follow all payments in euros.

“In case of further questions you ask, answer any questions and help make shopping a pleasant and with the results”

Sincerely, GOODLOOK.shop
E-mail: info(eta)goodlook.shop

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